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About the architect

arq Paulo Stocco

Paulo Stocco is an architect graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of São Paulo and has in his portfolio projects developed for the main residential condominiums in Brazil, in addition to corporate projects for hotels, hospitals, clubs and corporate headquarters .

He also works developing projects for other countries like Angola and Portugal, where he works in an office in Lisbon.

Member of the Green Building Council Brazil, he works strongly in the study, application and promotion of architecture with sustainable construction, aiming at reducing the use of natural resources and balancing the socio-environmental impacts generated by civil construction.

His projects have striking features that stand out in the landscape and practical plants as required by the contemporary way of life. In its line of projects, the modern style stands out, with straight and elegant lines where it uses natural elements such as stones, wood, steel and vertical gardens with concrete and glass, providing in its creations a pleasant interaction between the interior with the exterior of the dwellings.

Parallel to his work as an architect, he develops works in design and visual arts and some can be seen here on this website. He has participated in several exhibitions in Brazil in important galleries such as the New York Gallery and Galeria Mali Villas-Boas. Its participation in the 6th stand out abroad. Bouro Internacional do Douro - Portugal, where he represented Brazil with two works, at Contemporary Brazil at the UN headquarters - New York and at the 8th annual LAC WEEK - New York.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Get in touch directly with Paulo Stocco and talk about the conditions for him to create the project for your home or business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

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