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WGC House


Tapiratiba - SP - Brazil


Each project has its story. "In this case, the owner's desire to have a semi-olympic streak was for me the starting point for its conception. so to separate the intimate wing from the social wing, which provided greater privacy to the dormitories, even in a single storey house, basically intended for leisure and to receive friends. "

vista da raia da piscina

The lane still starts at the front of the house, like a water mirror, and after crossing the internal deck, which connects the intimate wing with the social wing, with its depth restored, it travels through the posterior leisure area, crossing the pool organically and ends its journey on a suspended glass wall, ensuring a marked sense of continuity.

Vista Frontal

The covered area of the residence consists of 3 blocks, one for the intimate wing and the other two for the social and leisure wings. These blocks were interconnected and arranged in L.

Taking advantage of this configuration, the fireplace was strategically designed in the center of this set, in addition to the aforementioned swimming pool that guarantee a perfect and pleasant gathering between residents and their guests.

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