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DB House


Condominium Morada do Sol - Santana de Parnaíba - SP

We are a family owned and operated business.

The challenge of the architect Paulo Stocco in this project was to create a comfortable house, for a couple, on a flat ground, below street level, with a pleasant view to the back of the lot, in a contemporary style and for construction in Light Steel Frame .

Casa DB - Vista frontal - arq Paulo Stocco

The result was a house where on the ground floor (with direct access via a walkway) are the main environments for the couple's daily life, such as the living room, the integrated kitchen and a comfortable suite, with the living room with a ceiling height. double and the suite has full view to the back of the lot through a large glass panel. On the upper mezzanine, there is a library and a dormitory for guests, with the library overlooking the lower room. The house is elevated from the ground by stilts and 2 parallel walls in natural stone, which was possible thanks to the light construction system (LSF) of the upper floors.

Casa DB - Vista Posterior - arquiteto Paulo Stoco
Fachada com passarela de acesso principal
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