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Casa WJR


Loteamento Águas de Igaratá - Igaratá - SP - Brasil

Back View

Above is the view of the leisure area, with a gourmet space, a sauna integrated with the pool, and the balconies facing the Igaratá dam in São Paulo.


Next door, the Fireplace in the gazebo on the slab of the gourmet space, with access from the bedroom balcony.
The "grandstand" drop provides a perfect view of the dam.

View of the fireplace
view of the dam
Front View

The infinity pool integrates the view with the dam.

Next door, the main facade of the sloping land, has access from the upper floor, and offers the pleasant surprise of the exuberant view of the dam.

Back View
Vista Geral

In the view from the back, you can see the pool with the infinity edge, suspended.
Under the pool, the games room, with the glass wall through which the water from the edge of the pool flows, forming a curtain of water.

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