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FF House


Serra Negra - SP - Brazil

Architectural project developed for an uphill plot , located in the Serra Negra Tourist Resort, in São Paulo, Brazil.

houses for temporary accommodation

Developed and built in Steel Frame, the project consists of a main house at the top of the lot and two more units intended for temporary accommodation, with independent access from the front of the lot.

view of the house for temporary accommodation
Casa de alto padrão em Serra Negra
Vista aérea noturna. Arquitetura de alto padrão
3D da área social da casa
Vista aérea da cobertura

On steeply sloping terrain, the project designed for sustainable steel frame construction

handmade architectural drawing by architect Paulo Stocco
Casa compacta com pé-direito duplo
vista do mezanino

Sketches of the first study carried out by architect Paulo Stocco.

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