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AK House
Lusófonos Architecture Award - Lisbon Award Group 2023 - Individual Villas


Iporanga Condominium - Guarujá - SP - Brazil

Architectural project developed for a plot of land located in a high-end ecological condominium, on the coast of São Paulo.


The main approach adopted by the architect for this project located on a plot of land in the Atlantic Forest, was to preserve its original characteristics, both in topography and existing vegetation and stones. In this way, the house was designed on pilotis, thus preserving the natural profile of the free land beneath the residence.

The pool, with one side made of glass, was strategically located in a natural depression in the land.

Fachada de vidro da piscina

      The project is sustainable in all aspects, from the preservation of the land to the steel frame construction system adopted.

The ground floor is completely open to nature, which runs through the house from the front deck to the glass wall at the back, where it faces the dense forest.

Living room with fireplace
double height living room

In addition to the construction system adopted in this beautiful project by architect Paulo Stocco, other features aimed at sustainable construction are also present, such as the use of synthetic wood and the use of a solar energy system.

Fachada lateral
Aerial view
Fachada frontal
 Vista da Piscina

Sketches of the first study carried out by architect Paulo Stocco.

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